Welcome to Foxwin

Have you ever wondered how many ideas do your employees have? Foxwin is the online platform designed to identify and select ideas and to transform them into real, innovative projects.

Speed up innovation

Foxwin enables all team members to submit their ideas, overcoming hierarchical and logistic barriers, saving valuable time and generating a continuous innovation process that makes the company more efficient, sustainable and competitive.

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Share the best ideas

Foxwin focuses on the ideas and not on their authors. This way, employees are more eager to share ideas and engage in discussions, as in a social network. When ideas are approved, the author becomes visible: in this way, those who take part in the process receive only positive and rewarding emotions.

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Reward participation

Foxwin allows you to create idea contests, where all your employees are encouraged to unleash their creativity. This way, you will have the opportunity to develop new ways to make the company more productive or to find new ways to save money.

With Foxwin, you can leverage the power of your human resources and multiply your company's results.

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The best companies innovates with Foxwin